Calendar and Rentals

2019 Shows

Aug 16 – Sept 1 Amanda Vela Charbonneau
Sep 6 – 22 Kym Bloom 
Sep 27 – Oct 13 Matt Verges
Oct 18 – Nov 3 Jeanne Trueax
Nov 8 – 24 Melody Sealman/Jill Mustoffa
Nov 29 – Dec 15 Bibelot Show
Dec 20 – Jan 5 Winter Show

2020 Shows

Jan 10 – 26
Jan 31 – Feb 16
Feb 21 – Mar 8
Mar 13 Eric Jones
Apr 3 – 19
Apr 24 – May 10 Sean McEniry
May 15 – 31 Lauren Kolsum
Jun 5 – 21 Kym Bloom
Jun 26 – July 12
Jul 17 – Aug 2 Jill Mustoffa
Aug 7 – 23 Amanda Vela Charbonneau
Aug 28 – Sept 13
Sept 18 – Oct 4
Oct 9 – 25 Melody Sealman
Oct 30 – Nov 15 Jeanne Trueax
Nov 20 – Dec 6 Bibelot Show
Dec 11 – 27

Kanon group show in solo gallery

Gallery Rentals for Outside Shows

If you are interested in having a show at Kanon, we are happy to announce that we will begin renting out our solo show space for outside artists to have shows. Our calendar above shows the dates that are available for the coming year. Kanon is now part of Pasternack’s Art Hub in Lakewood’s 40 West Art District and the space includes three other galleries. This means that every Friday night is an opening night so you will have good traffic on all three Friday nights during your show. In addition, some nights the art district will be holding additional events that bring traffic to the Art Hub.

If you would like to have a show, the rental rate is $350 plus 20% commission. Kanon will staff the gallery during regular open hours for your show, handle all sales, and include you in all emails, social media promos, and on our website. Additional reception times are available outside of normal working hours for an additional cost. All refreshments during openings are the responsibility of the artist renting the space. If you would like to be considered for a spot next year, please contact Kym at and include a link to your website or online portfolio, a description of your work, and the dates you are interested in showing. We are also open to installation pieces — please send photos of past work. All other details are available in our rental contract.