In addition to working as a freelance graphic and web designer, Kym is one of the founders of Kanon Collective.

Artist Statement

My video game pieces are made with transparent pixels made of resin that are lit up from inside. I have been a fan of classic arcade and video games for a long time and being able to recreate these characters using light shows them as we remember them — lit up and colorful. Many of these characters have become iconic and I believe that is partially due to their simplicity. The limits of the technology required some serious creativity and I love that people are learning to appreciate 8-bit images. My other video game pieces are made with candy, mostly Chiclets. They are not only a symbol of my childhood, but they make perfect little pixels.

My other work stems from a love of photography and working with digital art. I love the freedom of digital photography because I no longer have to worry about the cost of film and processing — now I just take pictures of everything that catches my eye, and if I end up with three photos out of a hundred that look good, all I’ve wasted is a bit of hard drive space. The process of creating many of my pieces involves transferring the photos onto surfaces using a heavy acrylic gel medium. I sometimes create textures and colors on the surface beforehand, that end up showing through the transferred photos. In addition, I also add different pigments, inks and found objects to the resin used to coat the finished pieces. This creates a three-dimensional image that appears to float in the middle, often creating shadows through the crackle texture that happens as a result of the transfer process. The final pieces end up not really looking like photographs at all and the image becomes the focus of the piece. I tend to gravitate toward images with bright colors and strong contrast, with subject matter ranging from flowers to graffiti to street signs.

You can see more of my work here: And you can find my jewelry, Shenanigans, at