Kanon is currently accepting new members!

Kanon is an artist-run gallery and we are currently looking for new members who want to be a part of that and help run the gallery. Each member has a job at the gallery and we all help with large projects. Collectives like our only work when everyone contributes and has a stake in the gallery.

As a member of our collective, you will get one three-week solo show each year in our featured gallery. The solo show can be your work or you can curate a show of other artists. We are very open to different ideas for shows as long as they look professional. In addition to the solo show, each artist will have space year-round in our main gallery. Members can sell jewelry, clothing, and other gift items as long as they are original work. This gives members a chance to make money all year instead of just during their show.

Membership dues are $125 per month and each artist helps with gallery sitting approximately two days per month, including a Friday evening shift. Kanon only takes a 10% commission on sales and we require a one-year commitment from all new members.

If you are interested in applying, please send us a link to your website or online portfolio, and some information about yourself such as a bio and/or artist statement. If you don’t have a website, email 3-5 images of your work (please keep file sizes under 2MB each) along with the other information to Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.