@!#?@!   |    New Works by Kym Bloom


Opening Reception First Friday, Nov. 3, 5-9:30 pm

Show runs through the end of November

This show has been a battle between wanting to make art and needing to learn new technology in order to do so … hence the title. Exploring new mediums always comes with ups and downs, but this one has been particularly challenging and almost comical (pun intended) in just how frustrating new technology and machinery can be. I almost feel I’ve spent more time trying to keep the different machines connected and working properly than I have designing the pieces themselves. Let’s just say that many, many swear words were uttered in the making of this show. The content of the pieces is what is often in my brain, rolling around, waiting to come out at the right moment. I often joke that I could have entire conversations using nothing but movie quotes and music lyrics from the 80s, so I wanted to make some art that captured the fun and often twisted side of that. The irony is that many of the quotes ended up encapsulating this particular art-making process so perfectly.