Opening reception: First Friday, May 5, 5-9:30 pm

Show runs through the end of May

Legend has it, from another dimension in the universe, a place known as Amazar, there lives an extraordinary species of Avians that have roamed the universe for eons.

Drawing upon primal energies deep within the earth’s core, enlisting help of elementals and other beings of myth and legend, they have come to Earth to help heal and spread love, peace, goodwill, and positive energy wherever they appear.

While an environmental epidemic of vast proportions overtakes our planet like a virus, threatening the air, the water, the life of all that grows and the future of all creatures that dwell on Earth. It’s population, turns a blind eye toward industrial waste and the consequences of a thoughtless consumer driven society.

In response, a flock of Amazar Avians opened a portal into an EcoArtist’s sculpture studio, perched high in the mountains of Colorado. They’ve tapped the artists creative spirit to give them form, so they may wing forth and spread their message.

As catalysts for change, flocks of Amazar Avians, Red Beaks, Azure Blues, Rainbow Beaks, Long Beak Hummers and others bright with leathery plumage, now take wing from the studio of Ron Isaacson, seeking to offer hope to humanity and inspire others to rethink their current ways of living.