liquid pixels by kym bloom



New works by Kym Bloom

Opening reception: Friday, October 30, 6-9 pm
Show runs through Saturday, November 28

“This show features the retro video game characters I love so much. I admire the simplicity of the designs and their longevity in our world. I’ve often said that limitations tend to inspire better art because we are forced to work within a set of boundaries and therefore have to rely on our creativity even more. That is shown time and time again in these simple 8-bit characters that are remembered and loved decades later.

Limitations are now guiding how I make my art since the tiny Chiclets I typically used to create my pieces were discontinued (thanks, Cadbury). I also no longer have a large studio space where I can do resin. But I really wanted to do some video game pieces for this show so I started exploring other mediums. Watercolor is something I studied when I was in school but it didn’t click with me at the time because I didn’t like not having enough control over the medium. Well, this last year has been about a complete loss of control with just about every aspect of our lives so I decided to give it another shot. And I have discovered that watercolor and I have become buddies again. I enjoy drawing out and then painting each individual pixel in the image. I also love how the watercolor settles into each tiny square in its own way with each of us having a bit of control over how the final pieces end up looking.

These pieces have really been about finding an artistic process that I enjoy doing … and that helps keep me sane in these crazy times. The painting of these pieces has become a type of meditation for me, while I allow myself to just focus on painting pixels and let everything else in the world fall where it may.”


Here is a gallery of some of the pieces from the show. All of these are original watercolors, not prints. The pieces that come in the acrylic floating frames will come with the necessary hardware to hang the frame on your wall without the hanging wire.