11227591_1138134359530829_5286242198336115895_oPlease join us for the Kanon 10th Anniversary Show, along with a Holiday Pop-Up show! We can’t believe it’s been 10 years and we are celebrating with a show featuring the art of many of our past members — and all of our current members. We are so thankful for all the artists who have been a part of our crazy little co-op over the years and wanted to have a show to celebrate the amazing art that has passed through our doors over the past decade.

Some of our past members who will have work in this show include Carlos Michael Finn, David Menard, Michael Vachiano, Brian Wall, Jenna Williams, Anna Cash-Mitchell, Daniel House Kelly, Matthew Graff, Adrienne DeLoe, Stephen Daniel Karpik, Kimberly Putnam, Gene Wheeler, Diane Aspinwall, Melissa Chaffin, and Josh Davy. Our current members include: Kym Bloom, Elizabeth Mahler Licence, Ken Crost, Melody Sealman, Christy Harris, Jessica Schramm, Candice Hayden, Tom Funk, Stephanie Lowenthal-Savy and Noah Bryant.

The show will feature a plethora of mediums, including: painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, encaustic, jewelry and even installation art.

HOLIDAY POP-UP — December 18
We will also be hosting a holiday pop-up show, featuring local artists and artisans, including Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, Tammy Shine, Victoria Regina, and Katie Wells, featuring items ranging from jewelry and hats to hats and scarves. Lots of gift choices for your holiday shopping.

Please join us for our Artists’ Reception on Third Friday, Dec. 18 from 5-9:00 p.m. when we will have refreshments and cake!

The show will run through the end of January so if you can’t make it this month, we’ll have another reception in the new year.