New works by Anna Cash-Mitchell and  Allison Brown

“My paintings play with bold color and form. I use elements of sculpture with visually hidden layers to create a feeling of depth when you move around each piece. This depth invites you to experience my art in a physical way, which doesn’t come through a two-dimensional photo. In a sense, it is a reminder to be present here and now in our ever expanding digital world. So, while it is taboo to reach out and touch a piece of art please feel free to touch these pieces with respect if you are curious.

Creating ‘Depth’ has been a very physical trip into my subconscious. Bringing each piece to life took hard labor–weeks of cutting and glueing canvas after determining a visual ‘form’ and then, finally the application of paint. The shapes and stories which grew out of this work speak about my memories of water, from a calm pacific sunset, to the slowly dripping stalactites, and even Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the little mermaid–which has taken on a new life for me through my daughter’s eyes. I could tell you a story of each piece, but I hope you’ll take a moment to experience them for yourself.”
Anna Cash-Mitchell

“My paintings depict sections of pattern, each flowing into each other, overlapping and interlacing. These act as a metaphor for various experiences that compile a person’s identity. These designs primarily come from patterns in nature or a significant object from my distant or recent past. I paint primarily on unprimed wood panels.  The painted patterns fade in and out of the wood-grain through acrylic washes, some showing the design of the wood through, others covering it completely. Compiled, these layers are woven throughout the piece as they are within us; shaping what we call ourselves and have come to be called by others.”
Allison Brown