“All great art is
born of the metropolis.”
Ezra Pound

Metropolis is a show about the beauty of the city — from the shiny to the grimy, from architecture to graffiti. Neon signs, painted dumpsters, abandoned buildings, watchful gargoyles — these are the reasons we live in urban areas. Cities are often portrayed as dirty and overcrowded, but artists capture the beauty in all things. Come see how Denver artists express their love of all things urban.

Artists in the show include:
Justin Deister, Veronica Reeves, Valerie Savarie, Brenda LaBier, Doug Kacena, Jillian, Popp, Corrina Espinosa, Kyle Banister, Jenna Koenning, Jude Morales, Ross Behrens, Ken Crost, Sara Lightning, Morgan Hagar, Ron Gerbrandt, Adam Williams, Gary Migues, David Allen Reed, Adam Holloway

The juror for this show was Ken Hamel, who runs DenverArts.org.