Show runs October 1-30, 2010

Opening: First Friday, October 1, 5-10 p.m.

Artist Reception: Third Friday, October 15, 5-9 p.m.

“This show is a combination of two bodies of work in which I explore my love of color: the photo squares I have been working on for many years, and my recent candy creations. The candy pieces are a mixture of childhood memories, melted into a new vision. I started with Twister and progressed to my childhood love of 80’s video games, such as Pac Man and Space Invaders.  Looking back, they all seem so simple and perhaps that’s where the attraction lies. The pixelation and ragged edges are part of the charm, and speak to my love of graphics and digital photography — every pixel has meaning. These works simultaneously appeal to my perfectionist side while trying my patience — the act of melting individual pieces of candy, one by one, and placing them onto a piece can become quite hypnotic. And since nothing ever quite melts exactly as you’d like it to, I’ve learned to embrace the imperfections, drips and burned lollipop sticks as an integral part of my final creation.

The photo squares are more like little mental postcards — bits of imagery that have captivated me and found their way into one of my thousands of photographs. In fact, sometimes as I’m scanning through old photographs, I’ll notice something that I didn’t when I initially took the picture — an odd road sign in the background, for instance. Through the transfer process I’ve created, some of the details of the photograph are removed so that what is left is more like a ghost or crackled memory of it — not quite perfect, but still available for viewing.”

~ Kym Bloom