Old Things and New Works
by Daniel House Kelly

Opening: September 3
Third Friday Artist reception on September 17
Show runs through September 25

“Collecting abandoned artifacts is how my work begins. A child’s homework assignment from years past is discovered and I gently unfold it. Someone throws their parking stub on the ground and I grab it. An old sign gets thrown in the dumpster and I eagerly take it home. Mundane remnants like these have long sparked memories for me, and so I work to make art that preserves the feeling of memories. Juxtaposing these remnants of people’s lives with landscapes, maps, and non-art materials root them in new places where they take on new meaning.  I want each person who looks at my work to feel something familiar when they see it – something that triggers thoughts of people they’ve known or wish they had know…thoughts of places they’ve been or wish they had been. The objects and other detritus that are forgotten become preserved as images in my work. These common objects – once useful but now left behind – are used again, this time to conjure up memories – memories of places and times and people who have since passed but who still mean something to each of us.”
Daniel House Kelly