MAY 7th, 2010 – MAY 31st, 2010

The Kanon Collective Art Gallery is pleased to present the works of Shahn Sederberg and Jeff Erwine and their collaborative art show titled PERSPEKTIV. The PERSPEKTIV show will feature the fine art photography of Shahn Sederberg and the metal sculpture of Jeff Erwine. The photographic images exhibited at the PERSPEKTIV show will be macro images of the intricate details of Jeff Erwine’s metal sculpture. This extraordinary show will have visitors guessing the correlation between the photography and sculpture on exhibit, and will surely force art enthusiasts to change the way they look at things.

Shahn and Jeff met just under a year ago while exhibiting in Brighton, Colorado at the city’s annual Culture-Fest Celebration. Soon thereafter, Shahn began photographing Jeff’s sculpture and from there, the idea of the PERSPEKTIV show came to light.

Jeff Erwine is a local artist in Denver, Colorado. Practicing for more than 15 years, he took his craft full-time a half decade ago. Born in Germany, and prior resident of Saudi Arabia, California, Mississippi and Southwest Colorado, Erwine finds inspiration through isolation, nature, diversity and necessity. Through his art, Erwine hopes to help people see that each and everything has an inherit beauty. By re-stacking, rearranging, or just re-thinking a material’s use, one can start to see “trash” as possibilities and not just its disposal. 99% of his materials are rescued, be it from a dumpster, behind a barn, in the back of a junk man’s truck or right off the scrap yard pile.

Shahn Sederberg is a photographer and graphic designer who has practiced the trade for nearly 10 years. Shahn is quickly emerging into the Colorado art scene with his photography of inanimate objects that speak with shape, line, depth, composition and perception. As a personal motto and artistic goal, Shahn continually searches for opportunities to photograph and present photographic art that will “change the way you look at things”.

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