matthew clark

Matthew Clark was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Growing up, he was drawn to many artistic facets and knew they would play a huge role in his life; thus his love for unique animation, illustrated books, and designer vinyl sculptures. He applied his passion for art to all areas of his life and eventually studied art and graphic design in college. After receiving his degree, Matthew began working professionally as a graphic artist, but his passion for painting still beckoned. He has submitted numerous pieces of his work to art shows in Colorado, Missouri, and Illinois. Through participating in such events, he has been recognized for his unique style.

Matthew began his artistic journey when he became intrigued with urban street art, and decided to use this inspiration to start creating his own style. He painted very complex graffiti pieces in journals and on city walls around Denver and nearby Boulder, CO. Once he learned that painting was his true calling, he started to encompass new meaning behind his art and discovered artists who deeply inspired him. Matthew has appreciation for the qualities of both detail and storyline in art, and admires when the surrealistic and realistic worlds join forces. This is apparent in Matthew’s work. The characters often seem surreal; however maintain a certain bond necessary and comforting to life’s situations, making his pieces easy to identify with.

Matthew’s technique is very important to him. It may seem like a long process to most people, but it is where he finds comfort in knowing his present work is a reflection of his personality and his artistic ability. He pays very close attention to detail, almost to a fault, and makes every line have deep purpose. The layers of emotion behind each image in all of Matthew’s work are both touching and relatable. The way he can evoke a mood within his paintings is unique to his style. It is easy to submerge one’s imagination deep into the details of the adventures of his characters. This quality has been relayed back to Matthew, and he finds it to be the most flattering form of feedback. He will continue to create in the hope that you will follow him on his Journey.

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