lisa riannson

Lisa’s work is devoted to strong contrast, bursts of color, and the attention to fine details. Regardless of the medium or subject matter, she is focused on creating a dynamic composition by strategically placing value and color. She’s inspired by tiny details like the reflections in glass or veins of a flower petal.

She’s known for her realistic watercolor paintings of wine glasses. Recently her work has expanded, becoming more abstract and combining mixed media. Her most recent pieces were painted with fluid acrylics incorporating watercolor techniques while increasing the expression, boldness, and depth.

Lisa also loves to teach and paint live. She’s particularly passionate about demystifying the unpredictability of watercolor. She has taught Beginning Watercolor at Colorado Free University and Portraits in Watercolor at Park Hill Art Club. Her students say she’s very personable and inspiring. In 2020, she was a demonstrating artist at the Denver Art Museum.

She works out of her home in Centennial, Colorado, where she lives with her family and pot-bellied pig.