lauren kolsum

Lauren Kolsum is an experienced oil painter and muralist whose creations provide a realm in which to simultaneously critique and partake in consumerist American culture, as well as its impending doom. 

Conformity is dehumanizing and consumerism is numbing, yet they’re inescapable qualities of modern life. It is this push and pull that fuels her work, often through dark humor. Sexuality, power, apocalypse and innocence are common themes the artist struggles to make peace with. 

Blending and unveiling, Kolsum deconstructs discrepancies and reunites them within playful, colorful scenarios to feed the obsession of making sense of nonsense. Her works hope to inspire authenticity and imagination while shedding  humorous light on the harshness of reality.Kolsum earned her BA from University of Minnesota in 2010. She has since participated in many group and solo exhibitions, and her work can be found in private collections across the USA. The artist currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Instagram: kolsumpainting