amanda vela

Amanda Vela is a Denver-based visionary artist. Her focus is creating art that represents her greatest joy – her relationship with God. Her art is created during meditation, and is a celebration of the unconscious, the elements of reality that are below the surface, the Holy Spirit, life-force energy, breath, presence in the moment, love, a dimension that lies beyond the appearance of things, a transcendental reality, or the spirit that pervades matter. It is about giving Glory to God, thanksgiving, appreciation for nature, His creation, His blessings, and living in the present moment.

Amanda received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Denver in 2013. She is a member of Red Wolf Gallery in Denver’s premier Arts District on Santa Fe, as well as a member artist of Denver’ emerging RiNo Arts District, and the Arts Student League of Denver.  She was a summer of 2016 intern of the Design and Build program at the Museum of Outdoor Arts where she collaborated with 9 other artists to create works for an exhibit in the museum’s gallery, the piece she designed, an 8x8ft re-invented stained glass mandala, is on permanent display at the museum. Amanda participated as a muralist at the Colorado Crush Festival in 2016 completing her first piece of public art.

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