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eric ronshaugen

My story isn’t like most. I guess you can say it’s as eclectic as my style and approach to art. I grew up with a dad that would hang giant canvases on our front fence and do his best Pollock impersonation for all the neighbors to see. He would take me to see exhibits featuring Rauschenberg, Wyeth, and other big names that would make it to Seattle. I was exposed to the creative process at an early age.

I soon discovered photography and fell in love with how quickly my vision for something could be expressed. I studied Fine Arts at Washington State University, which was followed by a degree in photography.

I started my professional career as a photographer while studying a The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. It was there that I started to turn my creative aspirations towards design and advertising.

Fast forward 20+ years, living and working at some great agencies in Seattle, Portland, Dallas, London, New York… and now Denver.

I have received multiple awards and have been featured in magazines like Archive, Communication Arts, and award annuals like D&AD.

My approach to art is not dissimilar to how I tackle advertising briefs. My work tends to be editorial in nature.  AND like advertising is very “idea led”. My strong faith in God prompts me to create art that brings His message to life in unconventional ways. I usually work in mixed media, photography, and digital art. (Nothing is off limits.)



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