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christopher michael

The Art of Christopher Michael

I’ve been making art since I was 13. I have always had the ability to visualize and conceptualize those visions. I took some art classes in high school (Palm Springs, class of 62) and helped create the props for The King and I. Some of those techniques I still use today.

After many years of attempting other careers, I focused on getting my degrees in fine art. I graduated from California State University Northridge with an AA and BA in 3D fine art in 1982. I was accepted at Otis Parsons Los Angeles and received an MFA in fine art in 1984.

My early work was very large, multimedia sculptural works and achieved some acclaim. However the size was prohibitive. After several years of discouragement, I began to work on wood and canvas. I spent the next 15 years experimenting with multimedia painting, the basic premise was drag queens and elaborate costuming and headdresses. In the early 90s sold a line of large elaborated facial wall masks at Villagefest. I have no idea where those pieces are at this point, although several collectors had over 20 pieces each.

Four years ago I created a line of elaborate high-end jewelry titled christopher m. The jewelry was sold through a downtown Los Angeles showroom and sold privately in this area. Collectors include Barbara Keller, Merrily Byron, Annette Block, Dorothy Lefkowitz, and others and was sold at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

You can see more of Christopher’s work at: http://christopermichaelartworks.us.


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