Kanon Collective is a local artist owned and operated gallery.


“Found” by Daniel House Kelly

Show opening — First Friday, June 3, 5-10 pm
Artist’s Reception — Third Friday, June 17, 5-9 pm

My new body of work focuses on the idea of being Found. Using found objects and other items from everyday ‘non-art’ origins, my work is about life, death and being found. The subtle presence of history and not-so-subtle mass-produced objects pervade our lives and dominate our thoughts; through our memories, or environments, and our desires.  In my work I attempt to make images that show how how these forces gather to affect our identity and ultimately, what we strive for.  In this body of work I continue to explore the struggle we face of our looming and eventual mortality, our often reluctant engagement with the eternal, and what it means to be ‘found’ by our Creator.

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